Ever hear of Thirdhand Smoke? This phenomenon has been growing in concern and popularity in recent years, however, Thirdhand Smoke has been causing sickness for decades. Smoke and related chemicals are absorbed into the paint of the walls of your house. This may be from your smoking or from previous occupants that lived in your home before you!  You may think that just painting over the existing paint will take care of the issue…..wrong! Using a regular paint to cover your walls is not enough to seal and block the fumes from escaping back into your home from this Thirdhand Smoke danger.

So, while you are cleaning away, you may be doing more harm than good! How can this be? smoke odor removal from house

In a research article Ammonia is known to release these harmful chemicals into the air and your loved ones are breathing them in, possibly causing irreparable harm. If Ammonia, which is the basis for almost all cleaning products, In essence, “weaponizes” Thirdhand Smoke! If pollutants in smoke from cigarette and pot are being re-released into your house, think about what else may have been there. If you bought a new home you should be exempt, but what if it has been lived in before. Did any of the previous owners’ smoke pot or cigarettes? Was there a major fire or even a fireplace? Pets are a normal part of most households, and they too leave odors behind. These are major things that affect air quality and to protect your family.

Here is the Solution to Cleaning and Clearing the Air in Your Home: ECOBOND® OdorDefender™ – Not your ordinary paint.

A special formula involving seaweed alginates, (patent pending), has been combined with professional quality paint that can be used as a primer or topcoat to seal your existing poisonous toxins in the wall to mitigate them from becoming a part of the air you breathe. If Your Walls Could Talk™-They Would DEMAND a New Generation of Smoke & Odor Protection!



Smoke Odor Eliminator















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