Smoke Odor Eliminator


Gallup Reported in 2016 That One in Eight U.S. Adults Say They Smoke Marijuana.

Pot smoke odor removal


Do you Know What Happened in Your Home Before You Moved in?

The SMELL and ODOR is really the LEAST of your concerns when dealing with your offensive indoor air quality.

You Must be Aware of Potential Unpleasant Side-Effects of Breathing in Decades of Smoke Trapped in Your Walls 24/7!

Over time, pollutants and odors from tobacco and pot smoke as well as pet odors, collect and concentrate on surfaces creating an unpleasant and potentially unsafe indoor air quality condition. There is recent research from the National Institute of Health who found that these toxic brews can then reemit back into the air and recombine to form harmful compounds that remain at high levels long after smoking has stopped occurring, this is called ThirdHand Smoke.

There are only 3 options:

1 – Ignore this serious problem

2 – Cover it up with standard paint, providing minimal benefit

3 – Apply a specialty paint uniquely formulated to seal, block, absorb and capture odors, fumes and chemical pollutants!


Announcing a Revolutionary Breakthrough & Innovative New Technology Product: Protection Against Odor, Smoke & Fumes from Marijuana & Pot.

ECOBOND® OdorDefender™ is a professional-grade Eco-friendly, advanced odor-blocking paint specially designed for sealing & blocking dangerous odors and lingering fumes resulting from the secondary effects of cigarette, marijuana, fire, meth and other drugs as well as pet and other annoying odors and numerous other indoor air pollutants. ECOBOND® OdorDefender™ will seal, block, absorb and capture odors & fumes on multiple surfaces, as a self-priming interior paint and topcoat, such as drywall, various wood species, OSB, concrete, aluminum, steel, and PVC, making ECOBOND® OdorDefender™ your all-in-one solution to a Healthy Home and Superior Indoor Air Quality.


 Why not just use “regular paint”?

Because the Alginate in seaweed makes it nature’s most effective absorber of toxic pollutants, we combined this with specialty resins and food-grade mineral additives providing you the peace of mind that your odor issues will be sealed and blocked, while protecting your family.

Ideal for homes, apartments, rentals, restaurants, hotels/commercial and industrial facilities to seal, block, absorb and capture odors & fumes and second-han

Removing Pet Urine odor

d air pollutants. Perfect for restorations by property managers, real estate professionals, home owners and maintenance crews when preparing a property for renting or resale.

Not only does Odor Defender® seal & block odors, the non-offensive formula provides you with the peace of mind of improving your indoor air quality! Plus, our formulation makes it fast and easy to apply and because Odor Defender® can be tinted, it is your all-in-one solution for painting over pungent smells, leaving you with dramatically improved indoor air quality without a hint of the old offensive smells!

In side-by-side comparisons ECOBOND® OdorDefender™ outperformed every leading product on the market in key areas including: 

  • Price
  • Coverage per square foot
  • Odor blocking capability
  • Odor absorption


ECOBOND® OdorDefender™ Allows You to Save Money Using the Best Technology Giving You the Most Protection Against Toxic Fumes & Smoke and Allows You to Breathe Easy. Wouldn’t you want to cover, block & seal ALL offensive odors with an easy all-in-one solution?

ECOBOND® OdorDefender™ is MORE than Just Paint!  
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