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Every year in the United States, thousands of homes are bought with the intent of renovation for rental or resale. Many of these houses are purchased at low prices due to poor conditions, back-tax purchases, but you must keep in mind the possible danger of toxic exposure.

One of the most common dangers of toxic exposure comes from thirdhand smoke, the residual layer of nicotine or any other drug that lingers on (and in) wall paint, furniture, carpet, and anything porous in the home. It is essential for this hazard to be properly dealt with before new residents settle into a home. Read the article from the Mayo Clinic on Thirdhand Smoke here.

Removal of Thirdhand Smoke

When a house is being cleansed of the odors and toxins of thirdhand smoke, there are certain objects that can simply be cleaned, some that must be repainted, and others that unfortunately must be completely removed and replaced.

There is an odor-removal device on the market called an Ozone Generator that alters the organic material in the air by breaking apart the oxygen molecules. Despite the marvelous claims of the manufacturers, the safety and effectiveness of this machine are still in question, and its improper use can be very dangerous.

It is safer and more effective in the long run to deal with the contaminated surfaces directly through cleaning.

Do you worry that smoke and odors from tobacco, pot, and pet odors, will collect on your walls to cause significant long-term health risks to your family?

Introducing our Revolutionary & Innovative New Paint Technology: The Best Smoke Odor Eliminator Product in the Market Today!

ECOBOND® OdorDefender® is a professional-grade Eco-friendly, odor-blocking paint designed for sealing & blocking dangerous odors and fumes from the effects of cigarette smoke, pot smoke, and fire as well as pet odors and substantially improves indoor air quality.

Because odors are sealed, blocked, and absorbed, it gives the very best protection for your children & family!

This is not just an issue of home renovations, it is now getting national and political attention!

Colorado Smoking Ban

In 1992, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency publicized a report stating the direct link between secondhand tobacco smoke and cancer. This report lead to the Colorado General Assembly’s passing of the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act in 2006, which bans smoking in almost every building open to the public (other than designated smoking areas in airports, etc.).

Due to the findings that secondhand marijuana smoke has similar effects on the human body, an amendment was implemented into the act in 2013 to ban the smoking of medical or retail marijuana in public buildings as well.

Tips for Smoke Odor Removal from Your House

Non-Porous Surfaces

There are many objects in a home that will not require replacement, but will need a thorough cleaning. A few examples include:

  • Faucets
  • Light fixtures and bulbs
  • Ductwork
  • Windows
  • Doorknobs and hinges


Because of the porous surface of most walls, it is usually necessary to wash and repaint them. There are primers and paints created specifically for odor control that do a spectacular job of sealing in harmful smells.


While some suggest steam-cleaning odorous carpets, we recommend removal. There is no way to thoroughly remove the permeation of smoke odors and toxins from carpet, because the material and foam backing absorbs the smoke into the very fibers.

New carpets give a fresh look to any renovated home, but it is especially important to install new carpets when they have been exposed to high levels of nicotine or any other toxic smoke.

Advanced Tip: Once the carpet is removed, use ECOBOND® OdorDefender® on the floorboards for sealing & blocking dangerous odors and fumes from the effects of cigarette smoke, pot smoke before you lay the new carpet, this adds a powerful layer of protection!

Giving a Home New Life

Once you have dealt with all the toxins in your renovated house, it’s time to bring new life back into it again. The clean air will make a safe and secure environment for a new family once again, and you will have done your part in making the world a better place!

Here is the Solution to Cleaning and Clearing the Air in Your Home: ECOBOND® OdorDefender™ – Not your ordinary paint. 

A special formula involving seaweed alginate, (patent pending), has been combined with professional quality paint that can be used as a primer or topcoat to seal your existing poisonous toxins in the wall to mitigate them from becoming a part of the air you breathe. If Your Walls Could Talk™-They Would DEMAND a New Generation of Smoke & Odor Protection!

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